Ron Aerts

Camera, Steadicam & Floatcam operating - Sound engineering



My specialty as a camera operator focuses on shooting with the steadicam and other 'floating' camera stabilizers. Smooth 3D- movements can be made without the shaking.


Good camera movement gives a production cachet. Shaky shots in data compressed (streamed) video can cause blur and artifects. The importance of a stabilized image is therefore inevitable in maintaining the quality of your video.

My sphere of work is in feature film, live concerts, dance & sports events, fashion events and all kinds of conferences. I handle both large and small camera's.

I can mount a steady rig on boats and cars which I have at my personal disposal. I also work with a custom made Segway.

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Camera operating


Movies, documentaries and corperate videos need a perfect frame as well as guidance and planning


Working in both entertainment and corperate industry gives the advantage to be able to perform well as a one-man-band. Good understanding of the subject and capturing that valuable moment means everything. Performing interviews in Dutch, English or German is no problem.

My editing suite containes all the digital equipment for editing, colorgrading and mastering for film and audio, including large surround music and film productions, up to movie theatre quality.

Additionally I can make photographs to accomplish the advertising of a project.

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Over 30 years of deployment in the full synergy of audio technique is the base of my large variety of skills.


All the way from the vintage analog devices up to the latest digital trends, I was (and am) there! My field of work is in studios as recording/mixing engineer and producer. In the live industry I work as engineer at a variety of events like broadcast productions, theatre shows and tours, sports events, classical and pop concerts, festivals and conferences.

I have followed, but also conducted, seminars and all kinds of courses. From digital protocols through rigging.

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