Ron Aerts

Camera, Steadicam & Floatcam operating - Sound engineering

The gear I use momentarily :

  • Steadicam® rig: 3A vest, Gold spring Arm, long and short poles, Gimball Pro, Chrosziel tilt head, base with Ted Churchill bracket, customised by Etkon. 12&24V IDX&Anton Bauer 3-battery system. 1.5G HDSDI compatible
  • DJI RONIN 3-axis stabilized Handheld system with steadicam mounts.
  • Chrosziel Aladin 3+ remote system Focus/Iris/Zoom control with Scorpio SB92 digital motors (to pull the heaviest lenses)
  • adapting cables, studs and dogbones for Arri/Red/Aaton/Moviecam/Sony/Blackmagic
  • Kenyon Gyro XY system for stabilizing in extreme conditions, with Hill vehicle mount system for quad/car/boat etc.
  • Transvideo Cinemonitor HD 8" SBL Evolution, 7" 16:9/4:3 Marshall HD/SD SDI Lightweight LCD field monitors, Transvideo Ultrabright 4" and 6" support Cinemonitors, Cineroid HD electronic viewfinder
  • Outboard recorders:

Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q+, 7" oled Monitor/Recorder (up to 4K@60fps)

Nanoflash HD SDI recorder (up to 1080p30 @280 mbs)

Blackmagic Hyperdeck shuttle (up to 1080p30 Prores 422)

  • NEXTO DI field backup diskdrive
  • Wireless video systems:

IDX CW5-HD full HD (lossless, low-latency)

Lentequip CanaTrans® & Tandem® UHF Global edition PAL/NTSC UHF

Transvideo Titan 2,4 GHz with "director proof" monitor

  • Timecode Buddy System, UHF wireless high quality TC/sync generator with Wifi and Ipad/phone readout ability
  • Wireless tally (16 channel) with variety of adapters
  • RTS/Telex Radiocom Wireless Intercom system
  • Back & Side rack carmount with safety seat, height and position modifiable
  • Handsfree Chegway Modified electric self balancing vehicle

I have some cameras and supporting gear to my personal disposal :

  • Sony PMW F3 35mm Digital Cinematic Camera (+S-log 444 out), Zeiss CP2.0 Compact Primes, Nikon Adapter.
  • Sony A7s 4K full 35mm frame DSLR with Canon EF and Vocas PL mount adapters
  • Sony XD-cam PMW 200 and EX3 camera's + Wide angle & tele lens converters
  • GoPro Hero3plus Black edition mini 2K/4K Hi-speed camera + mounts
  • Vocas rail supports/followfocus/shouldermounts & matteboxes
  • 8 meter track system with skate dolly platform
  • the leading DPA, Beyer, Røde & Neumann microphones and windshields
  • Sennheiser ENG wireless audio systems with different types of mini-microphones
  • Tascam HS-P82 Solid state HR Digital 8-track field recorder/mixer
  • LED ring, Litepanels on-cam and Bi-color LED panels
  • Sachtler CFHD & Vinten Vision Tripods + Heads
  • Bradley Engineering Z4 Compact XY Remote head + LANC remote
  • Bluescreen in fastfold frame (4x3m) and Photoflex reflection screens
  • Kenwood portable radio transceivers

Some Studio Equipment:

  • Echolab Atem Full HD 10 channel Live production switcher
  • 12-core NLE-setup with Premiere CC & Sony Vegas Pro multicam/3D software
  • Davinci Resolve Colorgrading setup with Tangent control panel
  • Sony LMD 2451W High Grade Multiformat 24" HD reference video monitor
  • CD/DVD copy robot & printer
  • Yamaha DM2000, 92 channel V2 Digital audio production desk (THX approved)
  • Elipson main studio speaker system,
  • Full Dolby surround setup with truth 2030A
  • MADI and DANTE 64 channel Digital audio recording setup
  • RME ADAT to MADI network bridge
  • AES50 96KHz (Midas) Klark Teknik network bridge
  • Yamaha Rmio 64ch DANTE to MADI network bridge
  • Timecode & Wordclock equipment for hooking up and synchronizing all the gear